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Blood. It fell like liquid acid from my wounds, where it landed it would boil. The sizzling sound sickening, the smell of my life’s liquid tainting the air with a foul stench. My opponent in no better shape then I, his clothes soaked with red.

“Demon.” He hissed, his hand fumbling as tried to grip the cross at the end of his chain necklace. While his other hand held up a pistol.

I feel my lips pull back in a smirk, as I moved my uninjured arm to push the blond and red strands of hair out of my face.

“If I was truly a demon,” I started slowly, “then you are as good as doomed. No god can save you now.” My voice mocking as the man’s eyes widened, in fear. A prayer leaving his lips in a hushed tones.

The prayer would do him  no good, as I walked over to the man, his hand shaking so much from the fear that consumed his pathetic human body, that it would take a miracle for him to hit me if he were to fire.

A sick chuckle left my lips as I thought about the irony, that when someone shoots a gun, the command is the exact same as my element. Fire. Both the gun and the flame destroy whatever they are aimed at. That’s what I do, its what I am. I am a destroyer.

The pathetic human backed away from me, still holding the weapon in front of him as if it would save him.

“You want to see what I really am?” I ask as I corned him. My prey, against a wall.  

I pause in my steps a good distance a way. As I command my body to change. I feel the familiar movement as my bones shift and elongate, some even disappearing. Until soon I stand before this human not as a woman, but as a beast. As a wolf. Flames remain around my paws as my tongue darts out and licks my lips.

“Oh… god…” The man whispers and his finger pulls back on the trigger.

The shot missed. He fired again, and again, his shaking hand making his aim unpredictable as I stood still, daring him to hit me. Then the sound of a click reaches my ears. The sound I was waiting for. The gun was empty, and I stalk towards the man. Saliva drips from my mouth, as I crave the taste of fresh blood.

A bang. Pain erupts in my side, as I turn to face, the sound. A growl escapes my throat as I look at the man who appeared, and interrupted my kill. His hand holding his silver pistol firm, and aimed directly at me.

“Stop where you are, beast.” His voice reminding me of one I lost long ago.

I snarl at him but don’t move from my spot. Not because he told me not too, but because the pain in my side was becoming unbearable. I can feel my body burning the wound, to stop the flow of blood.

“You,” I watch as the man motioned his head toward my prey, his eyes never leaving me, “Get out of here.”

My ears twitched as the focused on the man as he hurried to escape. My instincts urging me to run after him, to chase him down and make the kill.

“Now puppy, why don’t you reveal real self to me.” He said his voice full of authority.

I glared at him, but my eyes soon widened as I felt my body start to disobey my command, and my limbs started turning human. My front paw become hands, while my back turned into feet.

Soon I was kneeling on all fours, no longer a wolf, but as a human.

“Stand.” Was all he said and again my body went against my will, as it stood. Though it protested from the movement as my wounds reopened.

What the hell is going on? I thought as I looked down at my naked now human body. Then to the male across from me, my eyes narrowing in a glare.

“Nothing is wrong with you.” I didn’t have to see the smirk to know it was there, as he spoke to me his voice smug, “Adaira.”

“How did you…”

“I did not give you permission to speak! Now be silent, bitch!” My mouth closed tight against its will, and no matter how hard I tried I could not open it, nor could I make a single sound, “Much better,” I watched as he walked over to me as he held lazily held his gun in his hand, his sapphire eyes a blaze as he gazed over my body.

My eyes followed his every movement as he got closer. A gust of wind blowing his alluring, dominating scent towards me, making my eyes close as I unconsciously savor it.

His hand reached out and caressed my cheek. Causing my eyes to snap open in astonishment.

“Such rare colored eyes you have.” He said as he moved his hand up to touch my temple as he focused on my eyes, “and such an… exotic scent.” He moved his face as he leaned over my shoulder to smell my hair.

Red was all I saw, when I felt his fist connect with the gun shot wound in my side, then all went black.
This is just a random idea that came to me.
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March 1, 2009
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